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Monday, 2019-01-21
Main » 2019 » January » 11 » Upgrade storage card on Android 7.1.1
2:27 AM
Upgrade storage card on Android 7.1.1

So you've got a bigger and better card than an existing one in your Android 7.1.1 phone. You may have already copied files form your old card to the new one, but some apps are failing to find their files in the new card. The reason is that mount point for the new card is different from the old one so the actual path the app is different from what is expected by the app. The trick is, to change your new SD card's Volume Serial Number. Here is what I did to upgrade SD card in storage mode using MS Windows 8:

Prerequisite: Download VolumeId tool from VolumeId at MS KB. Unzip it.

Full procedure steps for Android 7.1.1 SD storage card

  1. Take a note of existing path used by your apps. E.g. Fast Notepad -> Settings -> Storage location /storage/XXXX-XXXX/fastnote. Where XXXX-XXXX - some HEX value. e.g. 01FB-8899
  2. Unmount ("Eject") the old SD card. Power off your phone and remove your old card.
  3. Insert the old card to your MS Windows PC and copy all the data from old SD card to PC
  4. Insert new SD card to the phone. Power on your phone
  5. Format the new SD card using your Android phone
  6. Unmount ("Eject") the new formatted SD card. Power off your phone and remove your new card from it.
  7. Using volumeid tool change your new SD card's volume id to math of the old one.
    In MS Windows Command Line (cmd) cd to your unzipped VolumeID location. E.g. volumeid is unzipped to Downloads\VolumeID; and your new SD card is available on MS Windows as drive "E:":
    cd Downloads
    cd VolumeId
    C:\Users\MyUser\Downloads\VolumeId64 E: XXXX-XXXX
    VolumeId v2.1 - Set disk volume id
    Copyright (C) 1997-2016 Mark Russinovich
    Sysinternals - www.sysinternals.com
    Volume ID for drive e: updated to XXXX-XXXX
  8. Copy all the backed-up data to the new card. Safely eject the new SD card from your PC
  9. Insert the new card to your phone
  10. Power on your phone. Mount the new card if necessary (my phone mounted it automatically).

Congratulations, your apps should see all their files now, as nothing happened :-)

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