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Thursday, 2019-02-21
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Ad Programs short list (AdSense Alternatives)

The most well-known web ads network is Google AdSense. They pay per click, bid-based. Your site must be 6 months old. The content shall be original and of good quality with straightforward links. There should be enough content for ad context lock-on. Also, there were rumors that a site must have no less than 20 unique visitors per day, but I don't see anything like that in the official Google AdSense Webmaster quality guidelines nor in Eligibility to participate in AdSense. Here is great write-up Get Google Adsense Approval within 3 days – Top 12 Working Strategies. Among other things it mentions hooking up to Google Analytics before you apply and accumulating some stats - that is definitely a great idea. Note: If you are moving between some countries, like if you are changing your tax residency from USA to Canada or back, you will have to cancel your existing account, then re-apply fresh for a new one. Given increasing difficulty to get approved for AdSense, let's see what are the alternatives:

Prepeller Ads - UK-based advertising networks, said to work best for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA. Straight forward registration, automatic approval - make it very attractive for beginners. But hold on, it is not all roses, I've got 2 bummers:

  1. You can't use banners if your site has less than 10k visitors per day, you are simply not allowed to continue with this selection as soon as you admitted to Prepeller Ads program. So you have to resort to pop-unders and/or direct links. Even though you are allowed to add a direct links channel, they are supposed for sites with more than 500 unique visitors per 24 hours.
  2. Payouts - PayPal is not supported. You get your passively earned money via ePayments, EPESE, Payoneer MasterCard, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, Wire Transfers EUR/USD, or Webmoney Z.

Adsterra Network - supposed to pay per view, along with other models. The dirtiest ads, like pop-unders and interstitial yield the most money. The network requires Alexa Rank <1M. So don't waste your time there if you have a niche/regional site which is not intended for webmaster/SEO specialists with Alexa toolbar installed, or you don't want to pay for Alexa "certified" ranks.

media.net - They are a gateway to Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program. As for acceptance terms: Content shall be unique and of good quality, it shall be relevant to prospective advertisers. Traffic shall be "reasonable". That is - enough to make you $100. Unofficially you have to have no less than 3000 Unique Visitors per month, that is the minimum threshold to get accepted. They may be checking your compliance from time to time. There are known cases for ban for low quality traffic just before payout. See Program Guidelines for the full set of acceptance and ban reasons.

buysellads.com - ad market, more involving in managing and interacting with advertisers than AdSense. They charge 25% off your deal and they are tough on approvals. If you've got rejected by AdSense, there is high chance you'll be rejected by BuySellAds.

Pocket Cents they have Ad revenue model and network marketing. I am worried their site does not seem to have updates since 2013. For ads they pay fixed rate per click (at the time of writing they give $0.15 net out of $0.25 gross CPC) . You may also act as their "agent" and provide referrals. Each referral will add 10% of their monthly advertising budget to your account.

Adblade - They position themselves as "premium publisher's first choice". Their Publisher FAQ explicitly says that a site shall have 500,000 page views per month to be considered.

adMarketplace - Search advertising. They seem to work with big publishers. There is now submission form nor admittance criteria.

intellilinks.com - ad and affiliate program. Ads served as links in your content. Requires server side script install (PHP, WordPress PlugIn)

Participating in an affiliate programs, like Rakuten LinkShare also worth exploring. Entry conditions seem to be not as strict as for the ads networks. On the other hand, you are getting paid for sales, instead of impressions. That means income is less certain than with the usual ads network. Which in turn, maybe higher, than just the impression/click rates. You've got the idea :-)

Rakuten LinkShare. Founded in 1996, Rakuten LinkShare is one of the oldest affiliate networks still in existence today. They do require your tax information (SSN) upfront. Publisher membership is free.

Amazon Affiliate Program. You may convert your commission to money, or get Amazon Gift card. There is a catch though. Their Associates Program Operating Agreement states: If you have not earned any advertising fees in the 3 years prior to any given calendar month, then on the first day of that calendar month we may charge you an account maintenance fee that will be deducted from your unpaid accrued advertising fees. That account maintenance fee will be the lesser of $10 or the amount of unpaid accrued advertising fees in your account. - I read is as, if you are out of luck getting income from Amazon, then your membership is not free, and you have to pay Amazon to maintain your membership as a publisher.

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