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Friday, 2019-02-22
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11:38 PM
The GROWS Method

There was a great presentation given by Jared Richardson from AgileArtisans. Author of Ship it! A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects and Career 2.0: Take Control of Your Life . The slides are http://arp.agileartisans.com/GROWS_AgileRTP.pdf.


Per lecturer words: The opening poster above represents a tank - shooting software from the top :-)

Discuss - Study - Experiment - Learn -- steps shall be short. Timebox them. Measure iterations in weeks. Do ~3 experiments.

Create feedback loops.

Try out architecture, adopt skeleton prototypes. Start thin, as you can't get to something complex until you make something simple.

70% of software development work is rework.

Communicate early! Developers and QA are better to discuss features *before* the developers invested time and soul into the code.

To actually see the scope - Put things on the wall. Print or write. Sticky notes are good too.

Interesting idea: Issue "cash points" to the team members for deliverables ready. The "ready" definition includes acceptance by QA. Do not giveout points to the developers until QA acceptance.

Beginners need checklists and steps! Teach your colleagues! Work with the managers to allocate time for learning/teaching/knowledge exchange sessions.

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