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Friday, 2019-02-22
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7:37 PM
The Best Editor For Coding

Had a find of the day, which seem to change my coding practice further on :-) That is Atom editor.

Atom editor is free, hackable and extendable integrated software development environment (IDE). Integration with Git comes right out of the box. The number of plugins (packages) is quite remarkable, and it is growing. Many of these packages are duplicating each other, but that's expected, as the product is in its early "expansion" stage.

I've been doing development with Eclipse before. Atom seems to be more suitable for quick tasks and in-place edits than Eclipse. It is faster than Eclipse, and it is easier to setup. To me, Atom looks like Notepad++, but better.

So far Source Insight, was the best code editor I've seen, but Atom is newer and it comes Free, and I am sure it will have all the same features, but with better customization.

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