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Thursday, 2019-02-21
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11:53 PM
Tuning the Agile Team Engine

Here is the great presentation on people matters in Agile teams - Tuning the Agile Team Engine by Tom Wessel

Main takeaways:

Book must read - The Human Side of Agile - How to Help Your Team Deliver by Gil Broza.

Servant leadership: isolate team from distractions, screen-off pressure, facilitate resources, delegate - make people accountable.

Feel of Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy are the components for workplace happiness (Motivated Performance).

Team dynamics: it may take up to 5 months to get a team in the shape, going through Forming (1 month), Storming (2 months), Norming (2 months) before the team becomes Performing.

Team Smells - agile "antipatterns". "Stars" can be toxic.

Performance reviews: Team Based vs. Stack Ranking (individual).

Personality tests for members psychological compatibility: Try DISC.

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