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Friday, 2019-02-22
Main » 2015 » May » 4 » So you want to earn some money by blogging, eh?
10:10 PM
So you want to earn some money by blogging, eh?

For those who want to get a bit of reward for their blogging, that is NOT for paid writing. Read further if you are looking for getting reward as by-product to your writing, like a pleasant bonus.

So far I have discovered two practical ways: Use paying platform, or apply for an ad program on your own.

Paying Platform

From what I read, most partner blogging sites do have requirements on the quality of content, the content could be moderated, you will be sharing your "income" with the platform. On the positive side - you can get ads rolling from the get go.

Below some examples of partner blogging web-sites, which offer second level domains (like mysupercoolblog.payingplatform com).

They have their own HubPages Ad Program and you can hook up to Google AdSense, or partner programs with Amazon or eBay alongside. I don't know if HubPages gives you a head start once you apply to Google, Amazon or eBay, but chances are - they do. Only 60% of ads may earn money for you. The content quality requirements are quite high and whole bunch of topics is restricted.


Apply to Ad Programs Independently

If you feel lucky :-) Start blogging somewhere, and try to hook up some ads independently. The risk is - you won't be approved by an advertising network. I think most programs will open their doors once you get 6000 views per month. The benefit - you are not *that* restricted on your content.

Other ways considered

Get direct advertising - err, seem to be too much work.

Donations - forget it, unless you are really exceptional :-)

Want more info on paid blogging? 20 Sites To Get Paid For Writing And Blogging – Best Of, 26 Sites That Pay You To Blog

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