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Friday, 2019-02-22
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9:04 PM
Wanted: Repo Browser, RPM Registry

I did post What's inside rpm? on how to explore rpms via linux command line. That works well for single files, enough to create adhoc scripts.

I have started looking for some sort of web-based "Repo Browser", or "rpm Registry" software in a form of a web-app or a web-server to install on a local network and explore local and remote yum repositories. Unfortunately nothing did pop up in my searches.

Here is what I am looking for, my list of desired features:

  1. List rpms with selectable info fields such as Name, Version, release, Build Data, License, Signature components, Summary, etc
  2. Filter the list by the fields selected above
  3. Display lists of dependencies for a selected rpm
  4. Browse these dependencies if their repos are reachable,
  5. Indication if a dependency is reachable or not
  6. Compare selected rpms: see what are the differences in scripts, files, permissions, info.
  7. Export to MS Excel
  8. Ability to extend and add features: JSON or SOAP web services interface, plugins architecture

If someone knows a software product which satisfy most of these requirements, your input is very welcome in comments, or via the Contact form.

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